AMA is a Relocation and Services agency for families, born in 2016 by the common will of three young Italian mothers that lived in Paris and wanted to share their personal experience as “expats”.
At the beginning they were acting only in the French capital but in 2019 they have launched the International project “Moving Families” that will be present, gradually, in all the main European cities where many Italian people live as “expats”.
We offer an individual service of relocation and help strictly fit to personal needs of each member of the family: from the choice of the quarter where to live to the search of a suitable home, from the type of school to the selection of a house-maid or to the sport activities.

In every city we have a so-called “antenna “, an Italian expat mom, that perfectly knows the city and the first difficulties of an expat because she has experienced them personally.
Thanks to her real knowledge of the country where now she lives and to the wide network of contacts, she will be able really to help the “moving family”.
Our services are addressed also to the firms that want to offer their staff, that are going to expat, a personalized help of relocation, limiting the stress in this important period f the personal and professional life.

"It will be as you had a friend in every city!"


Alessandra Ferrario – Founder, development, communication, digital strategy manager.

From Milan, mother of three lovable children, lawyer specialized in marriage problems and a mediatrix, now in stand-by, blogger and an experience of expat to Paris that has changed her life. A “fil rouge”: families. Hers, quite a large one. The ones that in the past she helped “to separate well”, without many problems. And the families that now, with AMA, she follows so that they can live in the best possible way this experience abroad.

Francesca Bovo – Founder, editorial and creative manager.

“Veneto” blood and Parisian mind. Mother of three lively children, she loves cinema and art. An Arts degree, a master in economy, many years of experience at the Biennale of Venice….but at the end she realized that what she really loves is to work with and for children.


Michela – Paris: grown up between Trieste, Milan and Venice, in 2003 she flew to Paris to join her “chéri” that, from then on left champagne for prosecco. Experienced in law, journalist, mother of two foot-ball champions to-be and of a little pinscher dog, she ran the Italian nursery school of Paris, welcoming warmly the families and helping them to be at home.

Maria Cristina, Barcelona: mother of two little boys, half Italian and half French, skilled in communication and marketing, she loves travelling; since she was 18 she has lived in four different countries. After some years in Paris now she lives happily in Barcellona.

Laura – Bruxelles: born in Como but, as soon as possible, “expatriate” first in Milan and then in Rome, where she deals with communication and marketing. In 2007 she left her beloved Italy to go and live with the man of her life … no less than in Brussels! Having become a mother of two daughters, she loves helping other expatriate mothers to “bien s’installer” in this multi-ethnic and fascinating European capital.

Giulietta – Stockholm: globetrotter for 23 years, today lives in Stockholm after years in France, Japan,India and United States. She has made her expatriation a continuous opportunity to reinvent herself in multiple ways, taking advantage of the thousand different possibilities offered by a new country.  She earned a masters degree in Italian literature from L’ Università di Torino, and a diploma in business communication from L’Unione Industriale di Torino. Her background has given her the tools necessary to form stimulating venture, compatible with her family’s needs.  She is a mother of three girls, all whom were born and raised abroad. This has given her the chance to learn to look at the world also through their curious eyes. She is the author of the Manuale pratico dell’espatrio, soon available in English, addressed to all those who have had the same courage to leave all that they know behind, and to those who are ready to leave and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Sara – Luxembourg: her characteristic? An unstoppable desire to know. When her daughter turned one month old, she was offered her first expatriation and she jumped in with enthusiasm. Her rational behavior as a pharmacist goes well with the openness that every new experience requires. Direction changes have never been a problem, always an opportunity. In ten years 5 moving and two daughters between Luxembourg, Brussels and Luxembourg again, where she now lives and feels “at home”.

Chiara – Milan: born in Rome, a couple of years after the graduation in Economics, she moved to Turin to follow the Olympic dream and her passion for sport. She worked for the  Torino 2006 Olympic Committee and during her time in Turin she also met her future husband. Three lively kids who, following Mum and Dad first in Milan, then in Rome, London and  finally back to Milan again, learned how beautiful the challenge of moving is, no matter how faraway you are because true friendships doesn’t know any distance. Passionate about travel, especially those with her family, she loves to welcome families who move to Milan trying to let them feel at home.

Bianca – Munich: born in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, specialized in more or less desired relocations abroad, Bianca has lived in Austria, Japan, China and Germany, feeling everywhere at home. Graduated in Communication, Bianca speaks four languages and loves exploring new places and meeting new people. She lives in Munich with her husband and their two children and she still makes handmade pasta whenever she feels homesick.

Federica – Founder and strategic consultant: from Milan, mother of two little girls, that appreciate both “pizza” and “baguette”, after fifteen years in France now she lives happily in Milan. A degree in foreign languages, for the moment in a drawer, journalist, blogger, editor during the day and geek at night. She dives head-first in every activity with enthusiasm.



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