Here you will find our partners, that is all the people, companies and initiatives that revolve around AMA, because they are similar to our way of seeing the world, and that, like us, are always on the move!

Besides getting ahead constantly the blog “Italians pocket-how to survive in Paris”, thanks to her activity of Administrative assistant Elena offers an individual assistance to people who want to settle in Paris or to those who already live there, but have some difficulties in getting along with the tricks of a big metropolis .Elena helps you not to waste time and makes your life easier. Elena offers reduced rates with the magic word AMA. www.paris-pocket.com
Expatclic is an international platform that has been helping for 15 years expat women and their families all over the world, with articles, sharing experiences, contacts, practical information and initiatives about expat life. www.expatclic.com
R-Home Relocation is a new and dynamic reality ready to welcome and lead the foreign families during the difficult period of transfer to Rome, the Eternal City.  Our complete services of relocation may be arranged so as to create a personalized help, with particular attention to the logistic aspect of daily life.             Moving to Rome? Moving with care! (R-Home is  partner of AMA and offers reduced rates for the Italian families who move throughout Europe)
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