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“I required the advice of AMA before leaving for a week-end in Paris with my four years  old daughter.I wanted some information about kids-friendly places where to have a meal and places to visit with children under five. The girls of AMA have been very,very kind and have given us a lot of very useful suggestions.I thank them still today.


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“AMA has helped me in the choice of the right school! Federica has been very skilful in giving a complete range of the possibilities I had in my quarter. Very good work! Human kindness, comparison, passion and professional behaviour. A team of super mums! I recommend..

Dream Cazzaniga

E siamo finite anche in tv! Felici di parlare di AMA anche se per pochissimo!

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Giovanigenitori.it, the magazine of the families speaks about us…LINK HERE!

Giovani Genitori - 28.3.17

A Parigi con i bambini? Tre mamme italiane aiutano le famiglie a trasferirsi e vivere al meglio la città

Patrizia La Daga, direttrice di ItalianiOvunque, sito partner di tiscali.it, presenta un nuovo articolo dedicato a tre mamme italiane a Parigi che hanno creato un blog e un'agenzia di successo per le famiglie italiane con bambini. http://tisca.li/ParigiConBambini

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Patrizia La Daga

A nice interview with TGcom24 link HERE!



“My daughter and I have loved the event of Christmas: different activities, hand made works, circus, laboratories of cooking! Warm atmosphere. Excellent organization! We are looking forward to attending the next events: Many,many thanks to all the team!


of So Happy Malo

“My daughter ( four years) has attended the “lutins” laboratories: she is still delighted and has asked me to repeat this experience.

I must say that everything was really perfect: specialized laboratories, of top quality and for every taste, really beautiful and clean spaces, warm and cheerful atmosphere…and three hours (yes three, quite a long time in comparison with other  offers of ateliers for children) free for parents!

Therefore, me too, I say  “Can we repeat this experience?»

Giovanna Leo

“If it had not been for AMA, I think I may have gone crazy in those first few months of moving to Paris. Not only did they find a nursery for my 2yr old, they helped me to look for an apartment and helped me to navigate the very complicated system of hiring and declaring a nanny. I can’t recommend AMA enough to those that are moving to Paris with a family!!

Deborah H.

“I have been much satisfied with the help of AMA in the looking for a house and school choice. Alessandra and  Francesca have been very professional, rapid and efficient and I can really say, after seven months from our moving to Paris, that the choice of the flat, the school and the quarter have turned out to be perfectly fit to our exigencies. Working in Italy for me it would have been impossible to organize our transfer  from very far : thanks to their help  I went to Paris just once!”

Cristina Dogliani

Amazing interview with Italiani Ovunque! Link HERE!

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Francesca spoke about AMA…LINK HERE!

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