Where, how much, and for how long. These are the three clear questions that you should ask yourself when looking for a house in this wonderful city. Finding a home in Stockholm can be, in itself, a challenging task. The market for renters, especially for apartments in Central Stockholm of a certain square footage, is extremely limited. In this case, the where is not necessarily problematic given that Stockholm has an efficient public transportation system, that can take you from the outskirts of the city to the center in no time. It mainly comes down to preference between the city or having a bigger house in the suburbs. How much one is willing to spend depends primarily on how much you are willing to spend. Real estate in Stockholm is amongst the most expensive in Europe, but also in the world. Finally, for how long is the biggest problem of all. Often strict condominium rules prevent owners from renting out their apartment for more than two years. Whilst, in houses the problem does not pose itself. 
Giulietta: globetrotter for 23 years, today lives in Stockholm after years in France, Japan,India and United States. She has made her expatriation a continuous opportunity to reinvent herself in multiple ways, taking advantage of the thousand different possibilities offered by a new country.  She earned a masters degree in Italian literature from L’ Università di Torino, and a diploma in business communication from L’Unione Industriale di Torino. Her background has given her the tools necessary to form stimulating venture, compatible with her family’s needs.  She is a mother of three girls, all whom were born and raised abroad. This has given her the chance to learn to look at the world also through their curious eyes. She is the author of the Manuale pratico dell’espatrio, soon available in English, addressed to all those who have had the same courage to leave all that they know behind, and to those who are ready to leave and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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The choice of the quarter

This depends often on where your kids will end up going to school, and also where your work is situated. Public transports operate extremely well, so with that the city is not very busy. The parking tariffs in the city are extremely high, which can be disuasive for many, in terms of relying on travel by car. Östermalm, Norrmalm, and Vasastan are the main traditional neighborhoods, wheares Sodermalm is more lively and youthful. Kungsholmen is a little bit  cheaper, with more modern infrastructure. In Lidingo and Djursholm you will find beautiful houses with large yards. 

The type of apartment or house

For houses everything is much more simple. They are less central, at times more economically conscious choices, as well as more spacious, with the possibility of having your own dock or pool. Large apartments are rare to find, with more than three bedrooms and two bathrooms being considered a ‘luxury.’ A lot of the time, the layouts are questionable with connecting bedrooms one after the other, like a walled up matryoshka that keeps on giving. The main part of the contract is often drafted through the company and the property’s owner. With that, it is often hard for independent parties to rent without any external support, with many people resorting to sub renting, which is illegal. 



We can help you to identify the quarter more suitable to you and to your needs, selecting a range of flats to visit, fixing for you, if you want, the appointments.


We can visit them in your place for a first selection or visit them with you, helping you with the language.


We can help you to fill in the documents, giving you every information necessary for their completeness.

We can do all these steps together or you can choose just one or two…in a word we are at your disposal… The only thing we cannot do is to pay the rent for you!
If you are interested in this service, contact us to this address: agenziaama@gmail.com or fill in the following form.

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