AMA for business

Are you looking to send your employees and their families abroad?

Do they require relocation support? Ama is the solution for you.

With our network of consultants located at every corner of the globe, we offer complete relocation support and guidance for those looking to relocate to a new country.

We believe that the key to a smooth relocation comes from having on the ground contacts that can support you through every move.

AMA for business

AMA is unique as we provide a service with on-the-ground consultant that can provide unique insights and guidance utilizing their own expatriation experience to help new families navigate an unfamiliar country.

The key to a successful expatriation is ensuring that the family is comfortable and happy with the relocation, with AMA’s client centered customized service, we will ensure that the needs of every family member is met during the relocation and that the expatriation will be successful!

How can we assist your company in supporting your employees to start their expatriation on the right foot?

Home hunting

House hunting can be difficult to navigate as different countries have different sets of rules, especially in relation to tenancies. Not only do we help in guiding through the bureaucratic process but can help assist you in narrowing down a neighbourhood suitable to you and your family’s needs.

School Placements

Choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult choice. Making sure that your children are satisfied with their ‘home’ involves choosing the right school for them. This can be a difficult choice, but the AMA team is here to help. We have a wide spanning network of local and international schools for you to choose from, depending on your varying criteria points.

Settling In

Integrating into a new country is the last essential ingredient to a successful expatriation. We are here to help each individual settle into their new life by providing advice on activities, classes, and other social events families can sign up to ensure that they feel well integrated. Furthermore, we guide individuals to navigate differing systems, including healthcare, social security, banking, education, etc. that differ from country to country such as healthcare, social security etc…

AMA for business

We are here to answer any question that arises over the course of your expatriation and to help your expatriates to feel at home away from home.

Please contact us for further information.

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