Our congratulations! At last you have settled; you have a house, your children attend a school and you begin to discover your new quarter. Most of it is already done!
Your life is still a chaos: you don’t know whom to turn to if someone gets ill, the children have not yet begun to practise sports and in the meanwhile you have a lot of administrative affairs connected with your transfer..
NO PANIC! Here we are!


  • To find a baby-sitter
  • To select a house-maid
  • To find out extra school and/or sport courses in your neighborhood
  • To do network with other expats
  • To attend to boring administrative affair
  • To find family and pediatric doctors
  • and many other necessary tasks…
If you are interested in this service, contact us to this address: agenziaama@gmail.com

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Michela: grew up between Trieste, Milan and Venice, in 2003 she flew to Paris from her “chéri” who, since then, abandoned the champagne for the prosecco. Lawyer, journalist, mother of two future champions of soccer and a little dog pinscher, she directed the Italian nursery school in Paris, welcoming families warmly and helping young and old to feel at home again.

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