Congratulations! You are finally settled in: you have a house, the children go to school and you start to discover your neighborhood. The more is done. But…
The house is such a mess, you feel a little down, you would not know who to refer to if someone gets sick, the children have not yet started sports and in the meantime you have to cope with the many administrative-bureaucratic practices related to the transfer.
NO PANIC. We are here!


-to find a babysitter for the whole year or just for the days of the removal
-to select a help maid
-to find out extraschool or sport courses in your area
-to do networking with other expats
-to settle the most boring administrative matters
-to find paediatricians and physicians in your area
mentoring and coaching meetings with professional women that are our
trustworthy partners
-network meetings drinking a cup of coffee together
training and meetings
…and many other opportunities
OUR “SOS proposals of service”
“Angel mum”: a mum is at your disposal for a whole month, for any comparison, suggestion or information. A cup of coffee together or a
phone call or an SMS: there will always be  a way to get in touch with her and be assured.
“The first shopping”: a very special appointment with your “antenna” mum, this time at the supermarket! To understand where it is better to buy, which are the best products and the best brands, which the habits and the traditions in food and drinking.
“Let’s discover together the right addresses”: you will have a lot of time to discover your favourite places but, in the meanwhile, a tour
in the less touristic quarters to  find out the right addresses as “insider” is surely a great opportunity for your new life!
All the services and the global proposals have a varying price according to your requests: do not hesitate to write to us to have an estimate.
If you are interested in this service, contact us to this address: agenziaama@gmail.com or fill in the following form.

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    Giulietta: globetrotter for 23 years, today lives in Stockholm after years in France, Japan,India and United States. She has made her expatriation a continuous opportunity to reinvent herself in multiple ways, taking advantage of the thousand different possibilities offered by a new country.  She earned a masters degree in Italian literature from L’ Università di Torino, and a diploma in business communication from L’Unione Industriale di Torino. Her background has given her the tools necessary to form stimulating venture, compatible with her family’s needs.  She is a mother of three girls, all whom were born and raised abroad. This has given her the chance to learn to look at the world also through their curious eyes. She is the author of the Manuale pratico dell’espatrio, soon available in English, addressed to all those who have had the same courage to leave all that they know behind, and to those who are ready to leave and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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